2005 Meeting schedule

Section for only english language about "Back to the Future" and DeLorean.

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2005 Meeting schedule

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Friday June, 24th

• 20.00 Teatro della Regina (Queen’s Theater) : opening, “BTTF backstage” screening, debate

• 21.00 Teatro della Regina (Queen’s Theater) : BTTF trilogy showing

Saturday June, 25th

• 15.00 Arena della Regina (Queen’s Arena) : gadgets selling

• 15.00 Teatro della Regina : BTTF cartoons screening

• 16.30 Teatro della Regina : meeting with the Italian voice actors

• 18.30 Teatro della Regina : John Z. DeLorean tribute, documentaries showing

• 19.30 Teatro della Regina : meeting with the designer Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro

• 21.00 Cattolica centro (Cattolica downtown) : DeLorean cars show

• 23.00 Piazza I Maggio (1st May Square) : spectacular introducing of all DeLorean cars. Surrounding the square, BTTF background musics and light effects. Pictures with fans and tourists. Cars procession up to the Arena della Regina

Sunday June, 26th

• 16.00 Arena della Regina : gadgets selling

• 17.00 Teatro della Regina : BTTF cartoons screening, bonus extra, ect.

• 19.30 Teatro della Regina : meeting with the Italian voice actors, debate

• 20.30 closing cerimony with thanks & compliments for all participants

Special Guests

Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro (DMC-12 designer from Italdesign Turin)

Mr. Alessandro Rossi (Biff Tannen voice actor)

Mr. Sandro Acerbo (Marty McFly voice actor)

Mr. Dario Penne (Doc Emmet L. Brown voice actor)

Mrs. Annarita Pasanisi (Loraine B. McFly voice actress)