A dream

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A dream

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An article i wrote a few months ago about my experience as a BTTF fan.

Don't worry,no plutonium or nuclear power needed, future boy. No garbage, at the moment cold fusion reactors don't even exist.Our big dream is to make time travel a reality. Several theories about wormholes and deformation of space-time continuum have slowly opened a new door, that in fact isn't completely opened yet. "A Flux Capacitor won't work" said an article i read a few months ago on the net. Emmett Brown couldn't agree with it. Every time i remember the trilogy, my imagination comes back to the year 1985, to Doc, Marty, the McFly family and Hill Valley. All the BTTF fans are in such a way the true citizens of Hill Valley. "We'll travel through time", "cars will fly" in the future, that it's not, sorry to say this, the year 2015.
For months i thought about working on a REAL, not fictional, model of flux capacitor. Doc's model acts like a "time" capacitor, using a lot of energy to activate the "time flux compression". But for now we can't compress time, instead we can "break the time barrier" in a small point of the space-time structure by concentrating energy of some sort into this small point. I realized that the concentration level is important, not the huge amount of energy needed to make the flux capacitor working. Could be used every kind of energy: light, electricity... In this way the flux capacitor could generate a small wormhole, that could be expanded by using energy to keep it opened.
Nowadays, with our technologies, this "theory" can remain only a dream. The flying hoverboard is being made. Now think about the possibility of seeing your grandfather young...

July 23, 2007